The Refreshing Truth will Find You

Dr. David Jeremiah, Founder of Turning Point Ministries and Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in California, tells this amazing story of how the Truth found another rebel sinner and brought her to Himself. This is a reminder of how the Holy Spirit uses Truth. Remember we cannot mess up God’s plan for our lives. How refreshing.  Be encouraged today.

“You’d be amazed how many times something as unlikely as that has happened, always beginning with the Word being preached. There is an account of a woman on her deathbed. She described how she was saved by reading a crumpled, ragged piece of wrapping paper in a package shipped from Australia. Someone had used the printed text of a sermon by Charles H. Spurgeon to wrap a package for shipment. The sermon was preached in England, printed in America, shipped to Australia, then sent back to England as wrapping paper, where the woman read it and encountered Jesus Christ. The Word traveled thousands of miles on the cheapest, most crumpled and smeared newsprint. But the truth shone brilliantly through the simplest of media, and God’s Word did not return void.” (David Jeremiah, Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World, pg. 149)

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